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More than 16 years experience in the production of roll labels

Like European printing houses, our printing house has entered the market as a modern, up-to-date company with a vision that we have dreamed of with the aim of providing the market with top-quality printing products. Our production relies mainly on the narrow-track 330 mm wide 8-press UV flexo press and the 12-press 450 mm wide, water-cooled press purchased in 2019. able to meet the market demand for roll labels.

Thanks to our newest machine, our printing house is able to print 6/6 - 12 colors, which allows us to provide a unique service in the Serbian market.

About us

The best printing house! You will surely get the best quality of the printed product. I recommend it for everyone.
Kristina Pejčić
Printing house No:1
Karolj Sič Szűcs Károly
Zlatko Pinter

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Our team

Most of the members of our working community have 5-10 years professional experience, they do their job with great competence. Professional assistance is the cornerstone of the integration of new employees who can master the stages and details of our workflows in a familiar environment.

Philosophy of our company: - Continuous contact with the users of our products is the basis of the customer management we apply - We keep our services and product range under continuous development, so the development is also present in the existing - “established” work processes. - We carry out our work under environmentally friendly conditions - The health and safety of our employees has been highlighted to us

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