In the case of product distribution, always needed the product labels, because some informations must be provided on the product before it is placed on store shelves.
The target of the product labels is to inform customers about the product ingredients, the producing and expiry date, there are always contains bar-codes, QR codes and other informations of the product.
Product labels not only serve for to fill informational functions, they are brand mediators too.
We produce product labels in rolls from our customers graphic materials or from our designers work.



The advantage of the piggyback labels is that we are able to place bulky descriptions to the labels without changing the label dimensions. These labels can be 2 or 3 layered as needed.

We offer the piggyback labels for the products which are distributed in the international market and have to contain descriptions in many languages.



We can meet with wrap around labels in everydays on PET bottles (milk products, juices, bottled waters).

Advantages of these labels is they are waterresistant, easy to aplicate for the product, and they not fading. Thats why the wrap around labels are popular.

We print our wrap around labels to OPP and OPE plastic foils, in which we are able to create transparent surfaces what is useable in the design on the labels.



This group of labels includes transport labels, labels with GSH pictograms, labels for hazardous materials, and so on.

In addition, we make labels for warehouse markings, logistics centers and store shelves, according to customer requirements.

  • transport labels
  • Stock labels
  • GSH pictogram labels
  • easy removable labels
  • labels for shelfs and paletts



These labels are used by supermarkets libras, which print the value for the labels with thermal transfer. The labels are often blank because of this, or printed by the logo of the supermarket or other company.

Barcode and QR code labels even with variable printing.

  • blank labels for libras
  • Barcode labels
  • QR code labels
  • easy removable labels
  • labels with logo for libras



Labels for discounts and other actions, loyality coupons and other stickers 

  • labels for sales
  • labels for discounts
  • stickers for loyality programs

We produce our labels to rolls, depend on our customers

How we calculating prices?

We have all the prepress machines what needed for creating printing plates, and also machines for rolling the labels to the right position, so we are able to give fully service from first steps to the final product.

The size of the labels significantly affects the amount of raw material used, so it also affects the price.

The number of labels depends on the quantity ordered. In case of a larger order, we expect a lower price per piece

We use different raw materials, basod on where will use the label (paper, thermo top, thermo eco, plastic, PET, OPP, OPE, foil aluminum, etc.) The prices of these raw materials are different.

During the 17-year active market presence of our printing house, it has been expanded with a number of additional tools, so we can provide die cut tools for most label sizes, thanks to this, in most cases there is no need to reckon with the cost of making a new tool.

  logistical labels

  • blank labels
  • Barcode labels
  • QR-code labels
  • transport labels
  • flammable material marking labels
  • warning labels
  • Stock labels
  • Security labels
  • labels for discounts sales

  Special labels

  • Labels for prize games
  • sticker for loyality programmes
  • Wrap around labels
  • Piggyback labels
  • Metallic shine labels
  • Hot-cold foil labels
  • Fluorescent labels
  • Waterresistant labels
  • labels with variable data


  • Printing with UV ofset and flexo printing machines
  • graphic design
  • Prepress
  • Screen printing
  • Embossing - hot and cold foiling
  • Cutting raw material to size
  • Creating printing plates
  • label roll positioning

Product labels for different industries

  • Labels for food industries
  • Labels for beverage industries
  • Labels for chemical industries
  • Labels for farmaceutical industries
  • Labels for vehicle industries
  • Labels for oil industries
  • Labels for detergents
  • Labels for cosmetic industries


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  • Printing with UV ofset and flexo printing machines
  • graphic design
  • Prepress
  • Screen printing
  • Embossing - hot and cold foiling
  • Cutting raw material to size
  • Creating printing plates
  • label roll positioning

Labeler machines

  • half-automatic labeler machines
  • automatic labeler machines
  • labeler machines for two side labelig
  • labeler machines for one side labelig
  • Labeler machines for any shape of packaging